Saturday, October 10, 2015

Looking Back at Term 3

Wow! Term 3 was filled with lots of busy and exciting learning!
Find out what we got up to!

The term ended with a ROARRRRRR! as Room 4 performed the dance "Lion sleeps tonight" in the school production -"A Weekend in the Library".  The children stepped up and danced the best they have ever danced.  Well done Room 4, I am very proud of you.

Van Gogh Art
The famous artist we studied in Term 3 was Vincent Van Gogh.
We looked at his art works and used his very famous "Sunflower" art as inspiration for creating our collage sunflowers.
We explored how to add texture into our work by scratching, dabbing, flicking and sponging the paint.

Art Gallery Visit
Earlier in the term, we got on the bus and travelled to the Art Gallery to learn about Elizabeth Thomson.  

Then we created our own moths! 

Check out the video below: