Saturday, March 19, 2016

2016 Room 4
Meet the fantastic children in Room 4.
We have had a very exciting and busy start to the year.
Check out what we have been up to!

Frog and Tadpoles!
At the beginning of the year, we had 2 frogs and 4 tadpoles.  
Now we have 1 tadpole and 4 frogs.
It has been fascinating watching our tadpoles transform into tiny little frogs.
We have had to change the tadpoles habitat into a frog habitat.
The tadpoles also stopped eating algae and plants and started catching flies!
Along the way, we have learnt many interesting facts about frogs and tadpoles.
Check out the link below to find out more!


Check out our video of what we having been doing in the pool!

Country Fair
Last weekend we had the Te Puna School Country Fair!
Here is what some of the children thought of it!

Yay! It's the Country Fair today.  I went on the rifle range. I shot one. My dad shot four and I got a lolly.  It was yum.  Then I went on the jeep ride.  I drove and it was crazy because Aaria said faster and faster.  Then I got candyfloss.  It was yum.  I got a face paint.  It was a butterfly. It was pretty.  It was a good Country Fair.  Milan

Yay at the Country Fair I went on to the Hot Rods two times.  I crashed into Aaria and Milan.  I went on the green and black one.  I crashed into one of the tyres on the grass.  Then the man helped me out and I had a drink.  After the Hot Rods I went on the Tractor two times.  At lunch I had a sausage and the sausage was yummy.  After my sausage I had a sore tummy.  Kymani

It is the Country Fair today!  Mmmm!  I had candy floss.  It was pink and fluffy.  My Uncle does the bouncy castle!  I went on it.  I jumped up!  It was fun.   Robert

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